Hail storms are a common occurrence in New Jersey. This precipitation can cause all sorts of problems for vehicle owners. Storm damage can be expensive. Dent on new car? What do you do now? Paintless dent repair is an innovative technique that is saving vehicle owners thousands of dollars and tons of time and hassle. 

Where do cars get the most hail damage?

  • Trunk
  • Hood
  • Fenders
  • Windshield
  • Roof

Can I get the dent on new car out myself?

Dent removal kits come with a screw, dent puller, suction cups, and glue tabs. These materials ruin the paint in the process of taking out the dent. Afterward, you will have to book a visit to the paint shop for sanding and repainting. 

How much will it cost to repair my vehicle with PDR?

  1. Traditional body shop – Thousands of dollars in paint matching, sanding, filling, and refinishing the vehicle. This does not include the cost to rent a vehicle while yours is in the shop. 
  2. PDR shop for dent on new car – Repairs start at $150. Average costs are $300. Fixes in about an hour with same-day service, so there is no need to book a rental car. 

How to get an estimate for a dent on brand new car at Ace of Dents

This process is simple and painless. Just take a photo of the damage. Upload the picture here. Type in your name, email address, and phone number. Our PDR specialist will look over the photo and respond with a free estimate. 

You can email us if you have questions at INFO@ACEOFDENTS.COM. To book an appointment today, call us at 201-699-9102. We look forward to helping you with a dent on brand new car because no one wants to spend all that money to get out a ding that makes your car or truck look old and used.

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