Do you know you can be on the hook for scratches the leasing agency does not have on the record before your rental? What happens if you have a grocery cart or scooter hit the vehicle you are renting? There are dent removal options that fit short windows like deadlines for returning lease vehicles. 

What to do before you leave the rental car lot

Our best advice is to inspect any rental car you are planning to lease thoroughly. You can check out the rental and note any scratches or dings you see. Taking photos of every panel of the lease vehicle is a good way to protect yourself. This information can prove the damage was there before your purchase. You can also tell the rental agent about the dent and ask the person to check it before you leave. Another tip is to call your insurance agent to see if either company offers insurance for accidental damages. 

What if you need fast dent removal for damage that is your fault?

When you make a mistake or an object hits your lease vehicle, then you are liable for this repair. Paintless dent removal is a fast dent repair costing a few hundred dollars and available the same day. If you have personal insurance coverage, then all you need to do is pay the deductible and it should cover your repair. You can also purchase insurance from the rental agency if you do not have coverage. 

Fast dent removal services can save you thousands of dollars in excessive repair fees when you lease a vehicle that incurs damage. Protect yourself with a detailed check before leaving the rental lot. Take photos and make sure you have insurance to cover PDR too.

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