Do you need to find out about minor dent removal cost NJ because someone got too close to your truck the last time you stopped for gas? Does your vehicle have damage that you want to remove so that you can sell it? You might be happy to find out that minor dent removal cost NYC is much more affordable than you expect.

How much is minor dent removal cost NYC?

  • Panels, roofs, and hoods – $150 to $200 for a dime to a half-dollar sized dent
  • Aluminum parts range – $250 to $350 dime to a half-dollar
  • Headliner removal – $150

Why is Ace of Dents a trusted pdr provider?

At AOD, we have ten years of providing exceptional service to customers in the NYC and NJ areas. Our service is faster, cheaper, and better for your vehicle than sanding and painting after pulling out the dent with slide hammers and other heavy tools. Our highly-trained technicians use specialized equipment like rubber mallets to gently coax the material back in place. One of the best benefits about paintless dent repair is that the minor dent removal cost NJ averages around $350, but the price starts out at $150. We always warranty our services whether you have a Rolls Royce, a Hyundai, or a Harley.

To get a fast, free estimate, send us your info. We want to hear from you whether you have hail damage, a ding from the kid’s toy ball or a tree fell on your hood. To inquire about minor dent removal cost NYC, you can call us at 201-699-9102. Our services are mobile. Ask us about our average service time. You might be surprised at how quickly our specialists work.

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