Do you live or spend time in New Jersey? Do you have a vehicle with a little bit of wear and tear? Perhaps your SUV has a couple dimples or dings that detract from the newness. Did you know that you can fix the damage with about $500 or so for paintless dent repair cost NJ? Ace of Dents is your premier provider of paint-free dent removal services. This repair is thousands of dollars cheaper than the alternative sand and repaint job.

Conventional repairs versus paintless dent repair cost NJ

When you take your vehicle in to get the dent out, the technician either welds metal rods or puts screws in the panel where the dent is to remove the ding from your car. The problem with this repair option is that it damages the paint in the process. Once the repair is done, then your car or van has to wait on a spot in the paint booth. This solution costs hundreds and likely thousands of dollars, and your original finish is gone. With pdr, you get to keep the paint. The fix takes maybe an hour or so. We can even come to your home or office if you want.

What is the average paintless dent repair cost NJ?

At Ace of Dents, we can fix a dent the size of a dime for $150. Aluminum repairs are the most expensive ranging between $250 and just over $350 for most fixes. Removing the headliner to repair the roof costs $150 plus the repair, but this price is still hundreds of dollars cheaper than old techniques.

Ace of Dents has ten years experience with this dent repair technology. For a fast quote, send us your photos and get an exact estimate. You can call us at 201-699-9102 as well.

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