Paintless dent repair is a much cheaper fix than traditional dent removal

Paintless dent repair is an exceptional way to have your car or truck fixed of minor damage or dings from hail or other objects that have hit the vehicle. This type of repair is much more cost-effective for vehicle owners because it often takes less than an hour to perform and requires less labor. Ace of Dents offers a mobile dent repair service that can be performed at any location. PDR uses a specialized tool with rubber tips that protect the finish on your vehicle. An expert can make your car look brand new after the fix, allowing you to retain all of your vehicles value. This service removes several hundred, if not thousands of dollars from the cost of the repair. If you think you may need local paintless dent removal in Bergen County, then you should consider seeing a specialist like the Ace of Dents for a free estimate.

local paintless dent removal in Bergen County

Save repair time with paintless dent fix by a professional company

Local paintless dent removal in Bergen County can save you much more time than traditional fixes because your vehicle does not have to be refinished. Another way that this type of repair saves time is because it is a mobile dent repair service, this allows them to come to you! The fix often takes an hour or less to complete, it can often be performed in the parking lot of your work or school. You can also elect to have the repair done in your driveway for added convenience.

Trust your repairs to a quality paintless repair company like Ace of Dents

Ace of Dents is a trusted local provider that has a ton of experience using the paintless dent removal system. They provide free estimates, and they can even come to your location if you need. Their experts have worked with every type of vehicle from luxury models to the family commuter. Their high-quality repairs are just one of the reasons why many premier dealerships use their services in New Jersey. Ace of Dents technicians are exceptionally skilled and trained. The company has been performing paintless dent repair services for more than ten years. This gives them much more experience than the average dent repair company. Your insurance may pay the charge for a PDR of repair. Ace of dents will save you time, hassle, and much money.

If you’re in New Jersey Area Call Us at 201-699-9102 for Fully Insured Dent Repair or email us to get a free quote for our ding, paintless dent repair service and experience our best in class customer service.

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