Do you need dent repairs for your vehicle? Is your car losing value cause of hail damage? We can help you understand where to get the best fix.

Understanding the difference between a standard auto body shop and a paintless dent removal company

Typical dent repairs require drilling into the metal, pulling out the dent, and sanding and painting the fix. At Ace of Dents, we are a paintless dent removal company that repairs luxury models, fleet vehicles, and personal cars and trucks. We can save you thousands of dollars and a ton of time and hassle while repairing your vehicle.

Commonly asked questions about our paintless dent removal company

  • What is paintless dent repair?
    • A process that uses gentle suction and heat to remove small dings and dents.
  • Will my insurance pay for pdr?
    • Absolutely! Most insurance companies pay for pdr faster than traditional repairs because it is cheaper.
  • Why do I need paintless dent repair instead of typical dent removal services?
    • Standard dent removal takes a week or so and costs thousands of dollars.
  • How long does pdr take?
    • Only an hour or so.
  • Will using a pdr specialist improve the value of my vehicle?
    • Yes. We always maintain the finish of your boat or motorcycle.
  • Do you have accreditation from the Better Business Bureau?
    • Yes. We have an A+ rating for excellent customer service and repairs.
  • Do you have referrals?
    • You can check out our site for testimonials. We also have reviews on Yelp, Facebook, Google Maps, Yahoo, and Twitter.
  • How long have you performed paintless dent repairs?
    • More than ten years.
  • Are you an insured painless dent removal company?
    • Yes. We are licensed and offer guarantees on our work too.

Trust your vehicle to an expert paintless dent removal company. Ace of Dents is your premier pdr provider. Call us at 201-699-9102 for an estimate.

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