When you choose New Jersey’s leader in paintless dent repair, you know that you are getting a top fix for dents and dings in your vehicle. What other benefits can you expect? We give you a more in-depth look into PDR from Ace of Dents below. 

How PDR in New Jersey works

This process requires special tools, finesse, and a lot of experience. Our licensed and insured technicians have over a decade of experience working with many car brands. We perform the repair in our shop and at your home, school, gym, or office parking lot. The repair requires heat and suction along with rubber-coated tools to remove the damage gently from the inside out. We never sand, drill, or fill your vehicle with PDR. In the end, you may see little or no sign of the original damage. 

PDR in New Jersey is more affordable than standard body shop repairs

Traditional body shop costs are in the hundreds or thousands of dollars. Our services begin at $150, and the average cost is $300 per vehicle. 

Keep the finish on your vehicle

No CarFax reports with PDR in New Jersey. We help you keep the value of your car, truck, bus, motorcycle, corporate vehicle, and boat. 

No need to match paint

Paintless dent removal never damages your original finish. In fact, our service keeps the paint intact. 

High-quality service from the leading PDR provider in New Jersey

Five-star ratings and top reviews on Google and Yelp. 

Fast repairs and same day service

Fixes only take about an hour. We scheduel most appointments the day you call.

Boost your resale value or protect a vehicle you love with PDR from Ace of Dents. Call 201-699-9102 for a free estimate. Your insurance may cover this repair. Ask us how. 





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