Grocery stores, strip malls, discount shops, and close-out stores are busy venues that see tons of traffic each day. Besides when someone parks too close to your car, windy conditions can cause objects to crash into your vehicle. Inevitably, your car will have a problem with a shopping cart. 

What to do when you have a dent by shopping cart

Take a picture of the damage. Upload your photo on our contact page. Relax while we do the figuring. We will send you a free estimate listing the cost we charge for fixing dings to your hood and dents in the door. Ace of Dents will help you forget about the shopping cart mishap and keep your original finish too. 

Ace of Dents is the Tri-State leader in PDR repair for 10 years

Our professional technicians have years of local experience working on high-end vehicles. We team up with many local firms to provide routine repairs and dent removal services for fleet models and corporate loaner vehicles. If we can handle these dent removal jobs, then tackling a ding from a shopping cart is no problem for our highly skilled and trained technicians at Ace of Dents. We pride ourselves in being the top PDR repair firm. Our expertise provides us with glowing reviews and top ratings on social media sites. 

Do you want to know if the bumper ding from last week’s shopping excursion is fixable? Do you have a divot in your hood or car roof? Our mobile services make it easy to come to you and inspect the damage. Our free estimate will show you the breakdown of the cost. Most of our clients pay an average of $300 for PDR repair with NJ’s leader in PDR repair. 




Photo by Kai Oberhäuser on Unsplash

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