Do you have a car or truck that looks beautiful except for that one spot in the hood or roof where a foul ball found your car out of all the rest in the lot? Is your credit at risk because you have a rental car with a dent after someone parked too close to you? Ace of Dents can help you out in a jiffy! The best part is that our repairs are mobile and extremely affordable versus the dreaded body shop sand and repaint options.

What is the average paintless dent repair cost NYC?

PDR is a mobile service that is fast taking about an hour to perform. At Ace of Dents, our prices start at $150 for a dime sized dent that does not affect the paint. Our most expensive fixes are often on aluminum bumpers and areas where we have to remove the headliner to fix the dent and reinstall it. These prices range around $250 to $350 range which is still much less expensive than the old method of dent removal with a dent puller and screws or welded tips.

Why choose Ace of Dents to fix your dings and bumps?

  • Always boost the value of your vehicle
  • Never mess with the finish
  • Fast repairs in about an hour
  • A decade of local assistance
  • Experience with exotic and luxury brands, fleet models, and lease vehicles

Paintless dent repair cost NYC is much more affordable than your typical body shop fix. Plus, we will fix your car or truck the same day. When you have a boat, motorcycle, helmet, or another metal object that has a dent, we can repair it too as long as it does not have any paint damage. For more information about average paintless dent repair cost NYC, please call us at 201-699-9102.

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