Did you get a little too close to the car in front of you at the grocery store? Did someone back into your work truck? Paintless dent repair services offered in New Jersey and New York City can provide a permanent solution and build the value of your vehicle back to pre-damage figures.

How PDR repair boosts the value of your vehicle

When you have a dent or ding in your motorcycle, boat, truck, or car, then it detracts from the overall appearance of the vehicle. PDR is a process that uses special tools, heat guns, and suction devices to remove small dings from your RV or ATV bumper. No matter how the damage got there, Ace of Dents has certified technicians that are fully licensed to get the damage out and regain the worth of your car or truck in about an hour.

Why you need bumper dent repair for your company vehicle

When you operate a business in Manhattan or New Jersey, you know that the better your company truck or car looks, the more opportunities you have of gaining a new customer. Little dents and dings are unsightly, and they can cause people to turn the other way and look for another agency to fill their needs. Help your employees reach out to the public with a vehicle that is shiny and clean with no blemishes.

New York City firms, get your bumpers fixed to boost the image of your company and retain all of the value of your vehicle. Paramus and Edison residents can regain the equity of any vehicle by having the bumper repaired by an expert like Ace of Dents with certified pdr specialists and more than ten years of experience with mobile services.

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