You may wonder whether you should fix the dings on your car door or hood from grocery carts, the neighbor kids basketball, or a rock when you were driving down the interstate last week. We have three important reasons why it is a good idea not to skip the repairs.

A reputable, paintless dent repair company can help you stop your car or truck from rusting

When you have indentations and divots in your bumper, boat, RV, truck, or car, then rust can form where the area sinks in. A PDR firm with certified repair specialists can fix the damage and add life to your paint job. Insurance companies often pay for the service because it is quick and affordable.

Your car is worth more money when it is in excellent condition

Any little spot or ding on your vehicle drops the condition down at least one level. You can get that value back immediately by calling a paintless dent removal company like Ace of Dents. PDR retains the value of your vehicle in case you decide to sell it.

You like your car better when it is in great shape

Face it. It bothers you when you get a dent or a knick of some sort in your truck or van. It constantly bugs you until you cannot stand it. Why not get it repaired and treat yourself?

Not only is pdr a good idea, but it is an affordable service. Most repairs range between $150 and $350 where typical auto body repairs with paint stripping and refinishing costs in the thousands of dollars. Take an hour and invest it into your vehicle, your insurance may even pick up the tab. We can help you find out at 201-699-9102. We will even come to you.

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