Restoring 60s, 70s, and 80s vehicles requires stripping the paint off from the body, so retaining the original finish is not an expectation in this process. Removing dents from the metal under this paint is necessary if the owner wants to keep all original parts. Paintless dent repair is an affordable and preferable alternative to sanding the metal and using filler to even out these depressions and high points. To retain the most value in your vehicle, the best PDR company in New Jersey is the one you will want to contact. 

Reducing repair times

PDR often protects the paint on a vehicle. With classic cars, this process can reduce the need to spend hours sanding the metal and attempting to fill dips and crevices to even out the panel. PDR is quick, but do not let this speed cloud the truth. This repair technique is a delicate process requiring exceptional hand-and-eye coordination. Knowing how to add the right amount of pressure without going too far is a skill that takes hours and hours of practice to perfect. 

Get unrivalled customer service and PDR repairs at Ace of Dents serving NJ and NYC

Our PDR technicians at Ace of Dents have years of experience and technical training to work on every vehicle. Assisting muscle car owners with classic car restoration is a service we are proud to offer for our community. We offer same day appointments, mobile services, and top-quality results. 

When you need the best PDR company in New Jersey, then call Ace of Dents. Our decade of experience with luxury and classic models gives you peace of mind the repair will benefit your project. We help you retain as much value as we can by saving the original panels with our revolutionary dent removal process.

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