When your vehicle has a sunken in spot in the door or the hood you feel embarrassed or ashamed to drive around NYC. Most of the time, these repairs are expensive with the need to use a dent puller, sand out the creases, fill the body, and then paint over the area. Paintless dent repair is a newer solution that makes it much easier to fix minor damage, and it costs a fraction of the price of typical repairs. 

Number one benefit of PDR

The biggest advantage of having paintless dent repair is that the fix keeps your original vehicle finish intact. Yes, intact! That fact means your vehicle never has to go through the paint booth and sit at the shop for a week or more waiting for the paint specialist to get to your car or truck. You will not have to call the rental agency and pay the cost to rent a car for however long it takes to get your car back from the body shop. 

Other benefits of paintless dent repair

PDR is a revolutionary solution that uses specialized equipment like slide bars and heat guns. The dent is coaxed out of the panel and returns to the exact position it was in before the damage. This process only takes about an hour, and some fixes are done in a matter of minutes. You can resell your vehicle for top value with our insured PDR service at Ace of Dents. This quick repair is mobile too.

Let Ace of Dents show you why we have a five-star rating on Google and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our clients recommend us to family and friends because we preserve the finish on fleet models, exotic brands, classic cars, and corporate vehicles every day. 

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