Do you live or work in or around New York City? Does your vehicle have small dings and dents because of a long commute, hail, or a mishap in a parking lot? Paintless dent repair is a newer fix that costs much less than traditional minor dent fixes. Ace of Dents is proud to be the Tri-states top provider of this revolutionary service. 

PDR offers a new solution for minor dent repair NYC

This ideal fix only takes a few minutes for a specialty technician to perform using advanced equipment and tools. After covering the vehicle with a protective blanket, we use heat and suction to guide the dent out of the vehicle panel. When the ding goes back in to place, you cannot see where the damage was, or any sign of using tools to fix the problem. 

Ace of Dents leads the way in paintless dent repair for New York residents

Our dedicated specialists are happy to talk about how we help people preserve original vehicle finishes with PDR. Our fixes only take minutes, and we work on all types of cars and trucks including corporate and fleet models. If your lease car gets a dent, we can fix it before you take it back to help you avoid costly damage fees and repairs from typical body shops. Our clients give us top ratings on Yelp and Facebook. You can also check out before and after photos on our site or see videos of our repairs on YouTube. 

Feel free to ask your neighbours and co-workers why they choose Ace of Dents. Our exceptional customer service and cost savings are two of the reasons our customers refer us to friends and family for PDR repairs. You can book a free consultation at 201-699-9102. 


Photo by Cayetano Gil on Unsplash

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