Do you have minor dents and dings in your car, truck, van, boat, bus, or exotic vehicle? Are you looking for a reputable tri state dent removal company? Ace of Dents is your premier provider of PDR or paintless dent repair.

How PDR with a tri state dent repair specialist improves the value of your vehicle

At Ace of Dents, our tri state dent repair services are fast, effective, and cost thousands of dollars less than traditional repair methods. We never mess with the finish on your vehicle, so there is no reason for the value of your car, truck, or motorcycle to do anything but improve. Our tri state dent removal services only take about an hour instead of leaving your car or van at the body repair shop for a week or more until they can get you into the paint booth.

Benefits of using Ace of Dents as your go-to tri state dent removal firm

  • Leading tri state dent removal company with years of experience
  • Extensive knowledge and skill working with luxury models
  • Retains original vehicle finish
  • Improves the value of your car, truck, or boat
  • Saves hassle, money, and time
  • Mobile services to fix your vehicle at work, home, or the gym
  • Less invasive repair methods

When you need a tri state dent removal company that you can count on, rely on the experts at Ace of Dents. The ability to book an online appointment and have your vehicle fix complete in a matter of minutes instead of days is something that many of our customers say is the biggest advantage. To find out why Ace of Dents is the leading tri state dent repair agency, call 201-699-9102. You can also email us at for a free quote.

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