Do you think about paintless dent repair cost when you look at the ding in your classic car, motorcycle, or mini-van? Do you wish there was an affordable way to fix your vehicle and get the job done fast so that you can get on your way? You may be happy to find out that pdr cost with Ace of Dents is hundreds of dollars cheaper than the quote a typical body repair shop will give you.

Ace of Dents paintless dent repair cost

Our prices range between $150 and $350 on average for a dime to half-dollar size ding, but some repairs may cost a little more depending on where they are positioned on the vehicle. For instance, a fix that requires us to remove the headliner costs an extra $150, but our prices are much lower than standard body shop prices. We can give you an exact estimate when you upload a picture of the damage on our site.

How we figure your pdr cost

The size, location, and whether the finish is cracked or peeling makes a big difference in the price of your PDR cost. Since we never mess with the paint or clear coat on your vehicle, there is no reason to fear that the fees will be extreme. Paintless dent repair costs are very affordable with final costs sitting at hundreds not thousands of dollars. The best part is that when you upload your photo, we can give you a final estimate. We will even help you contact your insurance company to see if PDR cost is something your policy covers.

Let Ace of Dents retain the value of your vehicle with a paintless dent repair cost thousands of dollars cheaper than auto body repair shops. Send us a picture of your damage, or call 201-699-9102.

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