Is your car or truck looking sharp except for a tiny ding or two? Are you worried about bad quality paintless dent repair ruining the value of your vehicle? Do you know how to spot fake paintless dent repair scams?

Spray paint is never in our toolkit at Ace of Dents

PDR services do not touch the paint or mess with the finish on your vehicle. Paintless dent repair never requires repainting your truck. Beware of scam artists that want you to think that they are doing the work after hours or on the side.

Fake paintless dent repair uses tools that will damage the finish on your motorcycle or boat

You know that your vehicle is in capable hands when our experts at Ace of Dents show up with suction cups, thermal applicators, blankets, and vacuum equipment. You can spot a con artist because they will use tools like screwdrivers, dent pullers, torches, and hammers. They often fill in the damaged area with metal putty or waxes.

Bad quality paintless dent repair has a cut-rate price

When someone approaches you at the dentist or gas station saying that he or she has a cheap way to fix the dent in your car door, make sure they are a reputable provider.  Even if they are a legitimate company, the work could be low quality affecting the value of your car. Most pdr fixes average about $300, so if someone walks up with a price of 50 bucks to fix your dent, you may want to say no politely.

While Ace of Dents is happy to come to your home, office, or grocery store parking lot to make repairs easier for you, we will never show up in our personal vehicle. You will spot our logo easily. For pdr repair with a warranty, call 201-699-9102.

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