Do you have a couple of dings or dents in your car, truck, or boat? Are you thinking about a DIY paintless dent removal kit so that you can work on it yourself? We have three important reasons that you should consider taking your vehicle to an expert like Ace of Dents.

Mobile services whether you are at work, home, school, or spin class

Since our tools are portable, we can provide an alternative to DIY paintless dent repair. Ace of Dents uses heat, suction, and gentle persuasion to remove the dings from your vehicle. Our service is fast. We can often fix your truck in about an hour or less. Do you have a car that stays inside? Let us come to you so that you do not have to add any extra mileage to your collector’s car.

High-tech tools

DIY PDR kits use the bare minimum requirements to fix your fleet vehicle or rental car. The tools require you to screw into the paint and pull the panel back in place. This action damages the finish on your car. Then, you have to shell out even more money to get a paint job. At Ace of Dents, we never touch the finish.

Fast process versus body shops

Our highly trained service teams work on luxury brands and corporate vehicles along with regular vans. A trip to the body shop could take a few days or weeks before you get your car or truck back. In the meantime, you are out the money for a replacement ride. Since we deal with dent removal every day, we have the fix down to about an hour to perform.

Let Ace of Dents ease your mind. Forget the DIY paintless dent removal kids, and let the experts help out. Call us at 201-699-9102 today.

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