If your vehicle has minor damage, then fixing it can help you get back vehicle value. Paintless dent repair is an excellent option for this problem, but there are many companies offering PDR deals without having a licensed or skilled technician to perform the fix. This article addresses some ways you can investigate body shops to find out how to select a reputable PDR provider. 

Beware of PDR offers from shops without a credible history

Companies that do not have a company site you can check out might be new. Brands that have no associations with consumer reporting agencies or local firms might not have a good reputation. When you trust these people with your vehicle, you are expecting the PDR deals to repair the damage and give your vehicle more value. With little experience, do the technicians have the skills or specialty equipment to fix your vehicle correctly? All of these things are important considerations when you need dent removal.

Ways to check out PDR deals and companies

With all the fake businesses and scams out there, it is important that people check out repair shops. You can look on social media sites to see what previous customers say about the business. Google, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Yahoo Local are all good places to look. You can research the business insurance or license with the state. Checking the company rating on the Better Business Bureau is another idea. 

A reputable PDR firm will have good online reviews and star ratings. You can check local directories to see what the community thinks of the brand. Online testimonials on the company site can also give you an idea of the business reputation. Your vehicle is valuable, so checking out the specialist you hire to fix it is important. 




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