If you are from New Jersey, then you probably know how easy it is to get a ding or dent in your vehicle. Someone is always rushing the light, getting too close with a bicycle, and grocery carts will find your car every time you shop, so something is bound to happen to any vehicle you drive. Rental cars and corporate vehicles are no exception. Ace of Dents provides stellar paintless dent repair services for Ford Fusion and all vehicle types.

How PDR works on the Ford Fusion

We pull your vehicle into the shop and access the size and depth of the damage before we do any work. Once we are sure that the paint is not affected, we will use thin blades with padding, heat guns, and suction to get the ding or dent out of your car, truck, van, or bus. The entire process might only take a few minutes for a small ding about the size of a dime. Something a little bigger or on the roof might be more difficult and take about an hour, especially if we have to remove the headliner to reach the ding.

Why choose Ace of Dents for minor dent repair?

  • Truck paintless dent repair in about an hour
  • A decade of assistance for dent repairs on Ford Fusions in NJ and NYC
  • Efficient and safe processes
  • No marring the paint
  • Quick repairs while you wait
  • Same day service
  • Licensed and insured
  • Mobile paintless dent repair services

Ace of Dents is your leading PDR specialist in New Jersey and NY. To find out more about how we care for your vehicle, please call us at 201-699-9102. We also service antique and classic cars, luxury brands like Maserati, and lease returns with minor dings.

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