Do you have a Nissan Rogue with some minor damage? Do you want to fix a dent before the paint begins to crack and peel? Ace of Dents is your Tri-State leader in paintless dent repair for Rogue Nissan and other brands. Our certified technicians provide a free estimate and warranty on all services.

How paintless dent repair for Rogue Nissan removes dings without affecting the finish

Our specialists use padded tools, heat, suction, and pressure to reverse the damage of minor dings and dents. We are careful to protect your Nissan by using blankets and covers as we work. Gently rolling out the ding fixes the damage without the need to screw into the panel and use a dent puller that cuts into the metal. This way, your paint is never touched allowing you to keep the original finish and value of your vehicle.

Ace of Dents provides the leading paintless dent repair Hackensack NJ

  • Guaranteed minor dent repair services for your Nissan Rogue or other trucks, cars, boats, or vans
  • Same day service
  • Mobile paintless dent repair – you never have to leave home
  • Affordable fixes starting at $150 per ding
  • Fixes only take a few minutes to about an hour to complete
  • Our technicians have extensive training
  • Cutting-edge equipment
  • Cuts time in less than half versus conventional body repairs that require sanding and repainting
  • Assistance with insurance claims for storm damage

When your vehicle is in the wrong place at the wrong time, Ace of Dents is there to help you get it back in shape fast. Forget about the ding, and let us help you restore your Rogue to pre-damage value. For a complimentary price estimate or to book a time for us to repair your Nissan, call us at 210-699-9102.

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