Do you need paintless dent repair for Maserati because you want to retain the original finish of your vehicle? Do you need a fix that is less expensive than what the typical body shop charges? Ace of Dents is your leading provider of PDR repairs for sports cars and luxury brands in New Jersey and New York City. Our proven process is gentle on your finish and helps you get the full value back when you have a grocery store mishap or open your door a little too far and get a dent in your Maserati.

What happens during paintless dent repair for Maserati?

As long as your paint has no cracks or chips, our technicians can use padded rollers, slides, and heat guns to work the dents out of your car. The technician will use long-reaching tools to get to the damage without damaging the rest of the panel, roof, or door. Once the repair is complete, you will never know there was a little ding in your vehicle. Check out a video of the process here.

Benefits of choosing Ace of Dents for your Maserati PDR fixes

  • Ten years of minor dent repair in NJ
  • High-quality mobile paintless dent repair services
  • Specialty tools and processes
  • Lease return fixes with same day dent repair NYC
  • Insurance, bonded, and licensed experts
  • Experience with luxury models, classic cars, trucks, buses, fleet models, rentals, and marine vehicles
  • Complete service in about an hour or less

To find out more about paintless dent repair for Maserati, please call us at 201-699-9102. Our certified technicians offer a warranty on all services, and our minor dent repair options are mobile. We will come to your home or office. We provide same day service to ensure that your paint stays intact.

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