Do you own a Porsche? Did you park too close to the ball field the last time you took a jog? If you have little dents because someone parked too close to you in the work garage, then you might like to know that minor dent removal cost NYC is much more affordable than calling the body shop. The traditional fix uses screws and a dent puller and damages the paint that needs filler, sanding, and repainting. This repair can cost thousands of dollars.

What is PDR?

Paintless dent repair uses specialized equipment like heat guns and suction tools that remove the damage without marring the finish. We also use rubber mallets and coated slide tools to reach areas deep in a panel or spots like the roof or hood. Our certified technicians gently repair the fix and protect your Porsche with heavy blankets and covers. Most solutions are quick and will take an hour or less.

How much is the minor dent removal cost NJ for a Porsche?

This repair can be hundreds or thousands of dollars cheaper than other alternatives. You can expect the average minor dent removal cost NYC to be about $350. The price can reach $500 or higher when several areas need fixing, or we have to remove the headliner.

Why is Ace of Dents is the #1 choice for paintless dent repair for Porsche in NYC and NJ?

  • Revolutionary tools and techniques
  • Licensed and insured to provide mobile services in Paramus, Edison, the Bronx, Manhattan, and NYC
  • Exceptional attention to detail – our customers regularly leave testimonials on our website
  • Five-star ratings on Yelp
  • The leader in PDR in the Tri-State
  • Our minor dent removal cost NYC starts out at $150

Forget the rental. Call Ace of Dents for your paintless dent repair NJ at 201-699-9102. We offer same day fixes.

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