Do you have a dent or ding in your vehicle? Are you ready to fix up your vehicle, but you do not want to wait weeks or spend the money for a long car rental? At Ace of Dents, we understand the frustration. Our paintless dent repair services, or pdr, is a much more affordable, faster, and easier solution when you have small dents and dings without cracking or flaking paint. We provide a comprehensive inspection with our free estimate. 

Five benefits of pdr vs auto body shop 

  1. Takes much less repair time – instead of spending days or weeks waiting for a spot in the paint booth, our pdr services often take an hour or less
  2. Mobile services – we can come to your home or office, the gym, a meeting, or fix your vehicle while you shop for groceries, our portable equipment lets us perform fixes quickly and easily
  3. Maintains the original vehicle finish – we use rollers, covers, heat, and suction to gently ease the ding out of your hood or door protecting the paint and regaining full value of your car, boat, or truck
  4. Costs a fraction of traditional auto body repairs – because there is no sanding or repainting involved in pdr, the fix is much more affordable
  5. Safer for the environment and workers – without sanding paint, using sprays, and spending time baking on the finish, paintless dent repair takes much less time, offers less exposure to paint and chemicals, and keeps greenhouse gasses down

When you can opt for pdr vs auto body shop fixes, you save yourself the hassle of finding a rental or getting rides. Ace of Dents can perform a pdr fix in about an hour. Call us at 201-699-9102 for a free estimate. 


Photo by Fancycrave on Unsplash

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