When you need Lexus dent removal to make your Uber vehicle ready for stopping at any venue, then paintless dent repair can help you save money and time. Using your vehicle to transport people around town can help you earn a little extra money and provide a valuable service. Many taxi drivers choose the schedule they operate letting us service your vehicle on your time. 

Why you should stay on top of dents and dings when you use your vehicle as a taxi

People come to expect a certain look and style from Lyft operators, so keeping your vehicle in excellent condition can make it easier to get tips and provide a satisfactory experience for riders. Small dings and dents are inevitable when you travel many miles a day. Lexus dent removal is fast, affordable, and effective for self-contract employees, fleet vehicles, and much more. 

How PDR Lexus dent removal makes your life easier

  • Same day repairs
  • Mobile service available at your home or office
  • Keeps the value of your Uber vehicle
  • Impresses clients with a clean, sleek vehicle

When you have a mishap dropping off a customer, you can call Ace of Dents and we will fix up your Lexus in a jiffy. If you have a few more runs to take before stopping by, then send us a photo of the vehicle and we can shoot you a free estimate while you work. Why pay for a rental while you put your car in the shop for a week or two with traditional body shop repairs? With Lexus dent removal at Ace of Dents, we can make your vehicle look like new between runs and get you back to bringing home the bacon. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram




Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

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