Perhaps you know about paintless dent repair and how well it works for small dings and dents. You may not realize that some larger damage is fixable with this process. Big dents removal with PDR requires specialty tools and the gentle touch of someone with years of experience and high-quality training.

How can you perform big dents removal with PDR?

With heat and suction along with advanced tools like slide bars with rubberized grips and plungers with a silicone covering, Ace of Dent’s specialists coax large dents out of a vehicle. The best part is that we will never mar the paint helping you retain the original finish. Big dents removal with PDR is helpful for some cases of large dents, but only a qualified PDR technician can accurately assess your vehicle and tell you if the process will help in your case. 

Why you should choose a specialist to assess the damage to your vehicle

Any body shop can tell you they can fix a dent, but the problem is how they perform the repair. Most fixes use a dent puller which is a screw drilled into the affected panel and yanking to get the panel flat again. Hammers and other tools assist in this process. At Ace of Dents, we can examine your vehicle online with our digital estimate tool. We will also come to your home or office to provide a free estimate. Our technicians have the skills to know when a dent is too large, too close to the body lines, or affects the paint for PDR. 

When you need an estimate you can trust, count on the leading PDR firm in New Jersey. Ace of Dents can assess your damage for free. You can also call us for a same day appointment. 



Photo by Adam Griffith on Unsplash

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